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Editor’s Notes: KjBrand's pleat-front trousers "Bea" are a modern version of the classic pleat-front trousers. The slightly mottled pattern and the basic, straigth cut make these pants a great piece for wearing with an elegant blouse and pumps for a very festive outfit or business meetings. For an every-day outfit or a leisure look, wear the pants with a turtleneck sweater.

Details: Elastic waistband; hidden zip; button for closing; pockets and pleats at the front; mottled pattern.


68% polyester, 30% viscose, 2% elastane

Size & Fit

In this chart, you will find the exact measurements of the selected item. In addition to the US size, the manufacturer sizes are also included in case you have already had experience with a particular designer.

The model is 5′9″ tall and wears a US size 12 according to our body measurement chart.

US size 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26
Manufacturer size 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
Waist width
Waistband Waistband

We measure the waistband from one side to the other side. If the waistband is elasticated, we always provide the minimum measurement (pulled together) as well as the maximum measurement (stretched out). To find out the circumference around the waistband, double the listed measurement.

16.4-17.9 17.2-18.7 17.9-19.5 18.7-20.3 19.5-21.1 20.3-22.6 21.8-24.2 23.4-25.7 25-27.3
Length Length

For tops and dresses, we measure the total length from the side edge of the neckline down to the lower hem. If the item has different lengths, both the minimum and maximum length are provided. For trousers and skirts, the length is measured along the outer side from the waistband to the end of the leg/skirt.

40.6 40.6 41 41 41.3 41.7 42.1 42.5 42.9
Hip width
Hips Hips

We measure the hips 62 cm below the side edge of the neckline. For trousers, we measure the width 21 cm below the waistband. To find out the circumference around the hips of an item, double the listed measurement.

26.5 27.3 28.1 28.9 29.6 30.4 32 33.5 35.1
Crotch length
Rise Rise

The rise is measured from the centre of the waistband to the lowest point of the crotch.

13.7 14 14.4 14.8 15.2 15.6 16 16.4 17.2