Shape advice

How to boost a small bust

In our shape advice clinic you will find practical tricks and tips for how to make the most of your gorgeous curves. A little expert knowledge and smart styling can do wonders when it comes to accentuating your figure.

Editor: Gabi van Rey

Would you like to make your small bust look bigger? Then it’s time to give it your full attention and learn to love it in the process. With these simple styling tips you can make this happen:

Tips for a small bust

The perfect bra

It makes sense to lift and pad out the chest a bit, but all in moderation. It’s important to find the perfect fitting bra, which you completely fill out because it will give your bust definition and shape.

A slight push-up is okay as long as it looks natural and sits correctly. Triangle bras without underwiring are super comfortable and slightly lift the chest due to the wide chest band. Balconette bras also have the same lifting effect.

Go for prints and colours

Bold shades like colour block tops have the ability to make your bust look bigger, while striking patterns that are cleverly placed are great for creating curves. For example, tops with nautical stripes are very flattering for a small bust and are also always on trend.


Clever cuts

Well-fitted cuts are a small chest’s best friend. Tailored clothes and tops or dresses with peplum designs create the illusion of a fuller bust and balance out your proportions. Empire line designs are superb at emphasising a small chest thanks to the placement of the dividing seam just under the bust.

Details you can always rely on for a subtle boost come in the form of ruffles, chest pockets, embellishments and embroidery.

Trust yourself

With necklines, the choice is yours. Both dramatic variations like the waterfall collar, which makes the bust appear bigger due to its volume, as well as V-necklines (such as deep ones, if you feel comfortable with them) work just as well as close-to-the-neck round necklines. When they are also feature decorations, they are doubly emphasising.

Asymmetric necklines emphasise, as do carmen or boat necklines, because they draw attention to the neckline along with the shoulders and collarbones.




When shopping for swimwear, the same applies as with bras. Triangle tops, like this bikini are ideal as well as swimsuits, tankinis or bikinis with balconette or push-up cups.