Shape advice

How to dress a large bust?

In our shape advice clinic you will find practical tricks and tips for how to make the most of your gorgeous curves. A little expert knowledge and smart styling can do wonders when it comes to accentuating your figure.

Editor: Gabi van Rey

Many women name a fuller bust at the very top of their ‘dream body wish list.’ Yet, if you’re a D cup or larger it can be tricky to know what to wear. With our easy guide, you’ll never be at a loss again.

Accentuate, don’t conceal

The most important thing is that you don’t cover up or hide your breasts. Instead, you should accentuate your assets. To do this, choose flattering or draped, and non-restrictive or chest flattening, cuts and fabrics. Tops or dresses with a V-neck visually elongate the upper body and the neck area creating a feminine and stylish décolleté.

The perfect bra

The right bra is essential for smoothing and more importantly supporting your bust. Take the time to find your perfect size and fit. The right bra can do wonders, while the wrong one can ruin all of your best outfits. And the days when lingerie’s practicality was more important than its appearance fortunately belong long in the past, as today’s designs show.

Keep it simple at the top

When choosing what to wear on your upper body, you should avoid frills, ruffles and double-breasted designs because they will make the bust look even bigger. It is better to stick with simple colour combinations and clean lines.

Brooches or short necklaces can additionally accentuate an ample bust, while a loosely draped scarf or one wrapped once around the neck can subtly flatter and visually elongate the area. Straight, wide leg trousers are great for balancing out the proportions of your top half.

Wrap wonders

What did we do before wrap tops and wrap dresses? They’ve established themselves as must-haves in our wardrobes and there’s a good reason for that. Wrap tops and dresses work wonders for ample busts because the neckline elongates and elegantly emphasises the décolleté, while delicately covering your feminine curves. Avoid empire lines, babydolls and halter-neck tops which make the chest look bigger.


Fabrics with sheen like satin as well as thicker fabrics such as velvet and chunky knits add bulk, while soft, supple fabrics such as jersey, cotton, silk or cashmere are a more flattering choice.



When buying swimwear, make sure that the cup is big enough to accommodate your whole breast. To decipher this, the elastic band should be just below the bust – it should be at least 1cm wide and extend to the back. Wide straps as well as narrow cups and underwired tops provide optimal support.