Shape advice

How to dress wide hips

In our shape advice clinic you’ll find practical tricks and tips on how to make the most of your curves. A little expert knowledge along with some clever styling can work wonders when it comes to flaunting your figure.

Editor: Gabi van Rey

Being blessed with wide hips is something to celebrate. Just look at stars like J-Lo and Shakira who are both bottom heavy and boast wonderfully feminine silhouettes.

That’s not to say it can be a challenge knowing what to wear to showcase your assets. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of your fabulous hips and narrowing your waist at the same time - bonus.

Play up your top half

Halterneck or strapless styles are the most flattering options for complementing wide hips. Likewise, shoulder pads, ruffled, cowl or off the shoulder necklines are a great choice because they draw attention to your upper body and balance out your proportions.

Don’t forget what goes underneath either, a perfectly fitting balconette or push-up bra which forms and elevates the bust is essential.

Clever hems

Avoid items that end at the widest point of your hips. Tops should reach over or under this point or try an asymmetric hemline, fringing or an open cut for a flattering alternative.

Choose A-lines

A-line dresses and tops flatter pear shapes and move the focus to the upper body, away from the hips and thighs.

High waisted pencil skirts or slim fit dresses with peplums are also a great choice. They cleverly fake the perfect hourglass figure. If you’re not keen on an accentuated look, go for a close fitting top half with a flared skirt instead.

 Play with prints & colours …

… and wear them above your waist i.e. on the upper body. Be aware that prints and vibrant, light colours on the lower body can make it look wider than it really is.