Shape Advice

How to make your derrière appear smaller

In our shape advice clinic you’ll find practical tricks and tips on how to make the most of your curves. A little expert knowledge along with some clever styling can work wonders when it comes to flaunting your figure.

Editor: Gabi van Rey

Celebrity fashion is currently celebrating a big bottom and Kim Kardashian we salute you. If, however, you are blessed with a large derriere but there are occasions when you are looking to balance your figure here are some expert tips to give you a helping hand.

The right “rear view”

A wide waistband or a deep V-shaped saddle (the seam under the waistband, see figure on the left) visually slims your derrière. Strategically placed seams divide your derrière into smaller parts, which diverts attention away.

The perfect finishing touches can be found in small, close fitting back pockets.

Show, don’t hide

Don’t try to disguise your derrière. This will only make it look bigger. Nothing screams “look at my behind” louder than a tent-like top does. Keep the bottom half of your tops simple and streamlined. Avoid ruffles, diagonal stripes or design features on or around your bottom, because these will definitely place the focus on the exact area that you want to flatter instead.

With suits you can emphasise your waist with slim fitting clothing. Just think of Joan, also known as Christine Hendricks, from the US series Mad Men, who is the queen of curvy workwear chic. Visually elongate your silhouette by sticking to tone-on-tone pieces. Select blazers or suit jackets which stop just above your widest point, as well as tops with accentuated shoulders or sleeves, in order to balance out your proportions.


High waisted, flared or floaty skirts and dresses perfectly flatter your figure because they place the emphasis on your waist and flatter your bottom half.

Trousers that support and shape without making your bottom look bigger flatter a round derrière. Slightly flared styles, which balance the derrière and leg proportions, are ideal. Likewise, boyfriend and girlfriend cuts visually minimise curves due to the loose cuts (see 1st point, rear view).

But skinny trousers are also an option for those with narrow knees and slender ankles, as long as you wear them with A-line tops that cover your bottom. Dipped hem tops also subtly flatter.

Clever colours, accessories & fabric

Dark colours and washes in trousers blend into the background and can therefore visually diminish your silhouette. Brightly printed tops distract away from the lower body.

Accessories should be reserved for the upper body only. If you like belts, then it is best to wear narrow styles with normal or high waist levels.

Generally, pointed shoes visually lengthen the silhouette more than round styles do, which is very important when you ‘divide’ the silhouette with a belt. This means you should also make sure that your shoes are in a similar colourway to your trousers.

For round derrieres, shaping fabrics in trousers and skirts, such as ponte jersey, as well as integrated shape inserts, like in the Manon Baptiste Shape Collection, provide support, while floaty fabrics delicately flatter.