What It’s Like To Shop The High Street When You’re Plus Size

What happened when two colleagues - one plus size, one not - tried to shop London’s busiest shopping street together? Spoiler: nothing good.

Editor: Bethany Rutter

There’s only one dedicated plus size store on the whole of London’s biggest shopping street. But surely it shouldn’t be that hard to find a wardrobe of basics on Oxford Street if you’re above a size 18? Brands have plus ranges, some retailers have extended sizing, so surely I wouldn’t find it too hard to shop for 7 items alongside my colleague Linh, who’s a size 8.

Those items are

- a white t shirt
- a pair of skinny jeans
- a round-neck sweater
- a pair of black trousers
- an evening dress
- a black jacket
- a biker jacket


We filmed our day of ‘fun’ on Oxford Street, and you can watch it right here…

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