“I call that a transformation.”

For our second makeover we had two winners: Edith, 70 and her daughter Andrea, 50. We chose them thanks to their unique story. Due to more than 20 years of living with diabetes, Edith is blind and therefore Andrea chooses all of her clothes when they go shopping,  and often ends up buying the same pieces for herself. Discover the mother-daughter duo’s wardrobe transformations below and their reactions to their final looks.

Editor: Gabi Mertens

The second navabi makeover was a new and exciting experience for everyone involved. Instead of giving one person an image overhaul, we had two lovely ladies to dress. With Edith being blind, we had to think of ways we could “show” her, her new appearance to illustrate the effects of the makeover. Since Edith wasn’t born blind, we were able to tell her about the colours we had selected, as well as describe the clothing so she could create a mental picture in her mind.

For Andrea, this was an opportunity to discover what styles and looks suited her. She was keen to carve out her own personal style, instead of always dressing in the same clothes as her mum.

Edith & Andrea

Introducing the fun-loving mother and daughter team, Edith and Andrea who won the makeover.

Profile: Andrea (left)

  • 50-years-old
  • 165cm tall
  • clothing size 48
  • dark blonde hair
  • blue-green eyes

Profile: Edith

  • 70-years-old
  • 160cm tall
  • clothing size 46
  • white-grey hair
  • blue eyes

What they wanted from the makeover

Andrea told us she was use to buying clothes for her mum and then buying a lot of the same pieces for herself, as she had yet to discover her own personal style. She also told us she felt too young to dress conservatively.

Andrea is a classic pear shape with curvy thighs, a round derriere and tummy, curvy calves and fuller legs.

Edith told us clothing should mainly be practical, ideally pieces with pockets where she can put everything (especially her speaking clock and glucose). Pull on tops and trousers are helpful for getting dressed, while tactile patterns (e.g. embroidery) and distinctive cuts (e.g, asymmetric or layered), feel nice to the touch. Non-iron clothes are also very convenient and in regards to accessories, backpacks are a better choice than shoulder bags, so she can carry her important everyday items such as her blood glucose metre reading equipment and her colour identifier with ease. It also means she is able to have her hands free for her cane. She also told us her sunglasses are a constant companion since she has had several eye operations.

I hope the results of the makeover give me more confidence and I feel able to go through life wearing clothes I feel happy and comfortable in. I want to look chic. I want to look different. I don’t feel as old as I am and I want that to come across.

Andrea, winner of the navabi makeover

For me, it is important, because I can’t see the items, that I put them on and feel comfortable. I must be able to move freely. So far I have always gone shopping with Andrea because she has advised me well. But she has often said: ‘Mum, you can also still wear that when you’re eighty.’

Edith, winner of the navabi makeover

Edith & Andrea after

Exactly like the first makeover, we first conducted a colour consultation with Edith and Andrea to discover which tones complemented them best.

Once our hairstylist and make up artist had got to work and our stylist had selected the outfits, of course, the highlight of the day was the final photo shoot.

Here are Edith and Andrea post makeover:

Both outfits

Edith is a winter type and Andrea is a summer type. This means that they are both cool types and look great in blue toned colours. Edith can also pull off very strong tones such as royal blue and black, whereas Andrea really suits different shades of grey.

Gabi, colour & style consultant

Before the makeover, Edith & Andrea had some identical outfits, although they are different colour types.

Their new outfits are individually tailored to their colour types, but are in harmony with each other at the same time.

The individual outfits

My mum looks great, really chic and quite different, in fact the difference is huge. Much better than always wearing waistcoats. The neighbours will be surprised.

Andrea, winner of the navabi makeover

For Andrea, we dressed her in tops with an asymmetric or double layered hem to break up her figure and flatter her silhouette. Pear shaped figures like Andrea, particularly suit wearing patterns or block colour on top and dark tones on bottom.

For Edith, we chose very clean shapes to emphasise the straight line of her figure.

Andrea has a pear body shape and Edith a boxy body shape. This means Edith has a very straight silhouette, her shoulders and hips are about the same width apart and she has no pronounced waist, while Andrea is narrower in the shoulders and wider in the derriere. Therefore A-line shapes that cover the derriere suit Andrea particularly well, while Edith looks great in straight cuts.

Gabi, colour & style consultant

For Edith, it’s important that we choose more solid coloured basics or tone on tone, which offers her the possibility of combining them with a patterned item, rather pieces that are too loud and in which the colours or patterns don’t harmonise.

Gabi, colour & style consultant

With new hair colour & make-up

Andrea was given a new layered bob which she can either style forward or tuck behind her ears. Her cool blonde highlights disguise her grey roots for a more youthful appearance and lift her complexion.

Her make-up was kept natural and of course in cool, blue tones to suit her colouring. Andrea told us she struggles to stop her eye shadow and eyeliner from running, so to prevent this our make-up artist applied primer before applying the eye shadow and spritzed her face with fixing spray.

We gave Edith a stylish short haircut which is easy to style, since it must also be practical for her.

With her make-up, we started primarily with her lips. Not only because she prefers wearing sunglasses, but she told us she would love to wear a bold lip without being told by strangers she has lipstick on her teeth. Our make-up artist taught Edith a clever technique to solve this problem, and one we can all try. Simply pucker your lips and then place your index finger into your mouth. The excess lipstick will then come off on your finger rather than onto your teeth. Genius.

Results of the makeover


I call that a transformation. Wow, I look very different. Thanks ladies, I like it a lot.


I feel so comfortable. Thank you for having me.

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