“Wow, is that really me?”

Before & after: Discover the complete fashion & beauty transformation of our customer Verena in our first navabi makeover campaign. Three outfits and six photos that will make you shout out “I want that too!”

Editor: Gabi Mertens

Whether at work, at dinner, or on holiday we all like to look our best whatever the occasion. And “our best” can mean: professional, on-trend, sophisticated, beautiful… it all depends on what image we want to present to the world. The appropriate outfit and styling is essential.

Many women find it difficult to get the right look for them as an individual. Over the years we’ve had so many customers come to us for support and some that have asked us for a professional makeover.

The reasons are as varied as each of us are: to discover yourself again or just a new side to yourself, to emphasise your personality, to discover new combinations and trends or to totally overhaul your look.

We searched for a candidate for our first navabi makeover by email and Facebook. And here is the winner!

Verena’s Story

This is Verena. She is a young, successful programmer. After work she likes to go to a concert or dinner with friends and colleagues. She also likes to travel and wants to discover the  world. She loves her life, just as much as she loves fashion.

Fact sheet

- 31-years-old
- 170 cm tall
- clothing size EU48
- blonde hair
- brown-green eyes

Her problem?

She can’t find anything to wear that makes her feel special and unique.

In her everyday life, Verena mostly reaches for jeans and a t-shirt, with a cardigan slung over the top. Which although practical and easy, makes her feel like she’s dressing more like a student rather than a young professional.

When buying clothes, her large bust (85G) is always a challenge because the darts rarely fit where they should. Likewise, she finds her thighs won’t fit into a lot of trousers or if the trousers fit on her thighs then the waist is often too wide.

I want to be able to properly make the most of my curves and to finally feel confident and stylish. Plus, I’d like to learn more about myself and find new ways to express myself through fashion.

Verena, winner of the navabi makeover

Verena after

A new look, three new outfits.

To find out which colours suit Verena, the first step in the makeover day was a detailed colour analysis. Based on this, Verena tried on different outfits that matched her colour type and shape.

With a new haircut, hair colour, make-up and, of course, new outfits, the highlight of the day was the final photo shoot.

Here is Verena in office, trend and party looks:

1. The office look

Verena is a summer type. This means that cool, muted shades with a blue note are right for her. Grey is her frame colour that she can wear in all shades. This season’s on-trend pastels also belong to her colour palette, as long as they are cool and highlighted with blue. For her hair colour: An ashy tone suits her best. Verena’s jewellery colour is silver.

Gabi, colour & style consultant

The first outfit we styled on Verena is one she can wear to the office. Because she sits down a lot, it was important we found something comfortable, especially at the waist.

By adding this elegant Manon Baptiste coat it doubles up as a chic look for evening.

For the office look, we chose a clean, blue shirt, which we contrasted with a pair of distressed jeans to strike the perfect balance of smart-casual. Adding the patterned coat spices up the outfit for evening.

Elnaz, navabi stylist

2. The trend focused outfit

Wow, I’ve just discovered a whole new side to myself! The colours matter a lot. I usually stick to grey and black, and experimenting with different shades makes a huge difference. I feel like I look a lot fresher.

Verena, winner of the navabi makeover

A more wearable way to work this season’s underwear as outerwear trend is with a semi-sheer top. For extra coverage layer a cami underneath, both dark and bright styles work well under semi-transparent looks.

A semi-sheer top worn with faux suede trousers makes for a cool texture clash, while dipped hem styles are great for adding a contemporary touch to your look.

Verena is a pear shape, i.e. her shoulders are narrower than her hips, so on the shoot we balanced out her proportions with bright colours and/or patterns at the top and plain-coloured, dark tones at the bottom. Slim fit trouser styles suit pear shapes who have slim knees, calves and ankles, while dipped hem tops are great for flattering the derriere and thighs.

Gabi, colour and hair consultant

3. The evening outfit

The pattern and cut of this jumpsuit play a flattering role here. Verena’s pretty neckline and narrow waist are emphasised, while easy coverage is provided for her thighs and bottom.

Elnaz, navabi stylist

This patterned jumpsuit is casually elegant with practical advantages (pockets).

I would have never imagined wearing a jumpsuit because I’ve always thought they make you look bigger. Usually I wear lots of flattering layers, but I’m excited to show off this look on my next holiday.

Verena, winner of the navabi makeover

An ashy dark blonde t-zone combined with a lighter cool blonde tone in the length creates a natural look. Verena’s curls were only tidied up a little, and should stay that way for a natural look.

The makeup was kept natural using cool toned foundation, eye shadow, blusher and lipstick. For the evening look, the eyes were accentuated a little more.

Verena’s reaction to her makeover

Right after the photo shoot…

I want to run outside and see how people react. I have definitely learnt a lot: tips for matching colours, what suits my shape, the courage to try something new, and of course lots of new outfit ideas.

A few days later…

I’ve received lots of positive feedback on my new hairstyle! I’ve worn the office outfit several times already and quite a few people have asked me where I got the Manon Baptiste coat from. Of course I’m now raving about navabi to everyone. Lots of kisses and a huge THANK YOU!

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