Like a phoenix

from the ashes

Just like the mythological phoenix comes to life again, our customer Janina feels “like someone completely different”, after her navabi makeover. Which is wonderfully apt as not only did she come to us wanting to find herself again, she has a tattoo of the bird on her right shoulder. Here’s the lowdown on her exciting transformation.

Editor: Gabi Mertens

Janina feels insecure and like someone who often fades into the background. She prefers to first observe in order to get used to new situations. Whenever she has experimented with her style in the past she has rejected it because she hasn’t felt brave enough to wear it in everyday life. However, after her makeover, her new motto is: “I have to change my inner attitude. Simply be more courageous and wear what I like in everyday life.”

Janina’s Story

Janina is an inspector and serves as a team leader in the logistics sector of a traditional industrial company. For 13 years throughout her childhood and youth, she practised modern, show and musical dance as hobbies, and even today, she still loves to dance.


  • 31-years-old
  • 5’5″
  • wears size UK 20
  • dark blonde hair with red highlights
  • blue eyes

Her dilemma?

For work, Janina casually dresses in jeans, trainers, a t-shirt and a cardigan, and wears little make-up. She instantly feels overdressed in a blouse, blazer, skirt or smart trousers. Although she is keen to feel more feminine and be taken seriously as a team leader at the same time.

She also told us she used to have an athletic dancer’s body, and knew how to dress in a way that made her feel confident at that shape. She recently tried to lose weight to feel confident again, but found that after losing 2 1/2 stone she still felt underconfident. We wanted to help her find a new look to regain the confidence and understand how to dress in a way she feels happy once again.

She wants more self-confidence again. Recently she set herself the challenge to wear high heels once a week.

I am always struggling with wanting to show myself to the world but without looking bad. I would like to get to know myself better so I can find the right path for myself.

Janina, winner of the navabi makeover

Janina after

New look, new self-confidence, re-emergence - like a phoenix from the ashes. These are the results we promised Janina. So what better way to make them a reality than with styling her in feel-good festive outfits.

The first step towards a new look for Janina was a colour consultation, because colours and patterns are essential components of styling. Janina wants to show who she really is, feel more feminine and trust herself more.

After her colour consultation, her hair was given a fresh, new brown tint and styled into soft waves. Our make-up artist then got to work on creating a gorgeous make-up look, just in time for Janina’s highlight of the day: her big photo shoot.

Here are her 3 Christmassy outfits:

1. Christmas with the family

Janina is a summer type. She has a blue undertone so she should wear colours with blue undertones. Grey is her frame colour, which she can wear in all shades. The strong tones from her palette suit Janina well because they underline her youthful freshness and bring out her complexion.

Gabi, Colour & style consultant

Christmas day is a time to indulge, so an outfit that is elegant, yet comfortable is ideal.

These coated slim fit trousers have stretch and are comfortable to wear, while the sparkly embellished top lends them a glamorous touch. Janina can also wear the trousers as an alternative to jeans for everyday.

2. Cosy comfort

The days inbetween Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the perfect excuse to be cosy and relax with family and friends.

Leggings, a long, comfy jumper and a soft scarf are all you need for snuggling on the sofa.

3. New Year’s Eve celebrations

Janina is a pear shape with very narrow shoulders, a delicate neckline and a slim waist. These are areas she should emphasise if she wants to feel more feminine. Especially when it comes to dress choices. Slim fit cuts, with or without a peplum, as well as tailored cuts with flared skirts are perfect.

Gabi, Colour & style consultant

Who doesn’t want that princess moment. This dress is exactly that for Janina.

photo de janina après sa séance de conseil en image

In this dreamy dress, Janina feels feminine and more importantly has the freedom to dance, dance, dance.

With new hair colour & make-up

The red highlights in her naturally dark blonde hair were repigmented and then dyed with an ashy mix of dark blonde and light brown for a rich, elegant tone that harmonises with her fair complexion and bright blue eyes.

The make-up was kept quite subtle and natural for the cosy outfit, with the foundation, eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick shades chosen in cool, blue undertones. Her lips were highlighted further in the Christmas celebration with her family outfit and in the New Year’s Eve outfit we accentuated her eyes.

Janina’s feedback on her makeover

Directly after the makeover…

I really like what I see. I feel really good. I feel like a woman. It’s great! I need to change my inner attitude, be more courageous and wear what I like in everyday life.

Christmas is coming

I will wear the outfit with the embellished top and coated trousers to the traditional Singer Ball in Hamburg. I go there every year with my parents. But this year, I finally have the perfect outfit. I feel neither over nor underdressed, but simply beautiful.

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