“I want to be able to fly!”

That was Michaela’s request from us. She wanted to stop hiding behind black clothes. She wanted to be herself. To live, in the here and now. To be able to say: “Here I am. This is me, look at me, I am ok the way I am.”

Editor: Gabi Mertens

For Michaela, who took part in our third navabi makeover, it was all about no longer wanting to hide, self-acceptance and self-love. A feeling so liberating it can give you wings.

Michaela has suffered from an eating disorder since she was 14-years-old and so she struggles with putting on weight. She wants to accept her body and feel feminine like her idols Miyabi Kawai, Maite Kelly and Adele.

Michaela’s story

Michaela told us that she tried to break free from everything when she was young - she experimented being both a punk and goth with different hair colours and styles. She didn’t want people to look at her just because she weighed more, but because she had deliberately provoked them. Now, at 40, she has removed her armour and shows the world who she is: open, positive and sympathetic.

Fact sheet

  • 40-years-old
  • 180cm tall
  • clothing size 54
  • dark blonde/light brown hair, dyed red
  • blue-brown-green eyes

Her wardrobe problems

Michaela is very tall so trouser lengths are always an issue. Being a size 44 she also struggles to find shoes that fit.

On top of this, she’s a mix between a pear and oval shape. She has narrow shoulders, a wide bottom half and almost no waist to emphasise.

I am hoping to add some colour into my life because 90% of my clothes are black. My wardrobe doesn’t contain much colour and I would like a bit more freshness.  I want to stop hiding behind black clothes and instead to say: “Here I am. This is me, look at me, I am ok the way I am.”

Michaela from Oberhausen

Michaela after

In order to be able to introduce colour into Michaela’s wardrobe we first needed to give her a colour consultation to find out her colour type. By doing this we could work out which colours suit her and allow her to shine.

After our hairdresser styled her hair into a flattering bob with subtle red highlights in a dark red base tone, and our make up artist worked her magic (this included dying her eyebrows to complement her new do) we reached highlight of the day: selecting the outfits, followed by the final photo shoot.

Here is Michaela in her after look:

The everyday look

Michaela is a summer type, which means she is a cool type with blue skin undertones. So blue shaded colours suit her especially well. She can choose the most intense shades like royal blue or emerald or berry shades from her colour palette and can then still selectively complement this with pastel tones. With her hair colour, it’s important that it’s an ashy tone, whether that is blonde, brown or red. Her make-up should have silver undertones.

Gabi, colour & style consultant

The dark blue bootcut jeans with sleek creases and dark blue brogues lend a dandy look to the blouse. The patterned jacket and the glasses add a chic touch.

The high low hem, the on-trend oval shape, the stripes, as well as the practical pockets, all come together perfectly in this blouse. Due to the length, Michaela can also wear it as a dress.

The difference is intense. The colours alone are much brighter and much fresher.

Michaela, winner of the navabi makeover

The maxi dress

The trouble areas are all in our heads, because real beauty comes from within. It’s what you radiate when you are content and happy in life.

Michaela, winner of the navabi makeover

The wrap effect beautifully highlights Michaela’s assets, her neck and decollete, while the fluidly falling, soft jersey flatters from the bust down.

With new hair colour & make-up

In terms of length, we didn’t want to go much shorter. This cut is very flattering for Michaela’s face shape and looks more feminine than shorter hair styles. It’s easy to style both naturally or sleek according to her mood.

With the colour, we chose a darker red base tone for Michaela because we wanted to dye over the existing red and put in brighter highlights using the balayage technique.

The cat-eye glasses in the same shade as the dress and her new hair colour enhance the charm of her look.

Michaela has slight rosacea. To fake an even skin tone, it’s a good idea to apply a sheer green tinted primer or concealer over the area to cancel out the red spots and then apply foundation. One of her best features is her very pronounced eyebrows. I coloured them today so that the effect is a bit more intense. On her eyes I used petroleum shades to further accentuate them and finished with a slick of mascara.

Anique, hair & make-up artist

Makeover result

Michaela on her hair & make-up

My hair is very cool, I have to say. It really looks different and my face comes much more into play when it’s framed like this. It appears fresher, more awake. My eyes look a lot bigger.

Michaela about her look

I look different. A very different person. All new. With a new look, you can go through the world differently. Altering the small things is really enough and it has a very big effect.

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